Fashion Designer (Ecuador, 1987)


Her first venture into the universe of fashion began as Wardrobe Designer for Caspian Kuykendall's iO Opera for which she produced a group of pieces and garments that conveyed concepts enriched by the formal symbolic elements that would finally consolidate her style.


She worked 8 years as a wardrobe designer for a number of performing arts companies in the country, placing special emphasis on dance proposals.


In 2017, she launched her personal collection, “Blood,” and positioned herself as Ecuador's first avant-garde designer, thereby achieving international recognition.


Her pieces can be understood from different perspectives, because they are made up of elements that support complex structures.


At present, she is investigating the techniques of haute couture and the manipulation of handcrafted fabrics, devoting special interest to ancestral knowledge in the Latin American region.


I want my designs to be a living challenge to interpretation