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This collection, born from an intimate place, travels through the unconscious along a path where the exterior complements the interior as part of an organic system. An understanding of the abstract is expressed as a place from which all fears and hopes emerge.


It contains fragments of a system in communion: a body with memory, where the use of a stain (as a complement of corporeal and earthly aspects) becomes a symbol of ascension and elevation. The stain is manifested formally as a main element, as a support structure which in turn presents the relationship between what is human and what is natural.


As manifested by the materials and techniques used, this collection relies on the Pre-Columbian Andean Culture as its frame of reference, presenting it as an integral being that coexists through the mutual recognition of its uniqueness alongside what is natural. An expressive use of ceramics, dyed alpaca wool and cotton fabrics as well as embroidery threads is also employed in making the garments.


Ceramic Artist: Ana Paula Padilla

Music: Ronald Sánchez

Model for the Collection: Violeta Purschet



Pamela Males / Karla Mármol / Estefanía del Pino / Alexandra Espinosa

Daniela Coral / Domenique Reyes / Diana Guanga / Viviana Cáceres 

Grace Pozo / Verónica Robalino / Jessenia Salcedo / Priscila Flores