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This collection was inspired by and based on a study of the rich symbolism of the religious imagery of the feminine figure in Latin America. It is composed of the representation of five important virgins of Ecuador: Our Lady of the Holy Water (La Virgen del Rosario de Agua Santa – Baños), Our Lady of Sorrows (La Virgin de la Dolorosa – Quito), Our Lady of the Clouds (La Virgen de la Nube -Guápulo), Our Lady of Quinche (La Virgen del Quinche – El Quinche), and Our Lady of the Swan (La Virgen del Cisne - Loja).


The garments of the collection, decorated with elements of symbolic and abstract character, allude to the life of Nila and the richness of her soul as they bring to life images of her memory. Manual techniques are used to achieve that effect, the most outstanding being beaded embroidery, pleating and applique.


The heart (the central element of the collection) symbolizes life and death, concepts that instead of being understood as opposites, are complementary in their oneness with the absolute.

In memory of Nila de Jesús Gutiérrez.


Music: La Torre

Model for the Collection: Marie-Claire Lalanne



Stephanie Terraza / Vania Ledezma / Mariuxi Parrales / Elizabeth Bárcenes